The online car loan process explained at Car-Loan.us

What happens after you complete
your free, no-obligation car loan application

At Car-Loan.us we handle your private financial information via a secure application, and protect it on servers with state-of-the-art firewalls.

We do some pre-screening and processing (mostly fraud and hacker prevention stuff) and then forward your application to a local loan officer in a dealership near you. We only work with licensed, franchised dealerships.

You can make an appointment for a time of your convenience. When you arrive, you'll be ahead of the curve because your financing details are ready to go and available vehicles will be ready for presentation.

If you say yes, drive away.

If you say no, there's no obligation.

Feel free to apply today.

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If you look for the bargain cars right at the top edge of $10,000, then just a little more strategery puts you in a position to fix your credit for just $1 per day.

Do the math: The difference on a 36-month, $7,000 loan, the difference between a 9 percent and 18 percent loan, is $1,096 dollars spread over 1,095 days.

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