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Internet Research is THE Place To Start

• The average downpayment is now around 12 percent of the car's value. Just six months ago, it was half that. The credit crunch is making things tighter, but not impossible if you're willing to try.

• Remember that most "zero percent financing" campaigns are for good credit customers only, and that most are only for three years (which makes your payment higher). Bad credit car loan customers have the best chance of approval in the $7,000 to $10,000 range, and that's why we research the best cars for bad credit customers..

• At the dealership, settle on the total price of the vehicle first. Don't think in terms of monthly payments because any monthly payment can match your budget if the loan is stretched out.

• Snag a copy of your credit report. If it's really bad, stop applying over and over because each rejection just lowers your score even more.

• Do plenty of Internet research on both the car and the possible car loan rates. Some 58 percent of all Americans do not buy a car within the first 30 days of starting to shop, so don't fret. You can see what you might pay, based on your credit score, at, and you can see concise research on top cars for bad credit at


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