BAD CREDIT CAR LOANS fast online loans covering all types of credit.

Don't let a bad credit history keep you
from a getting approved for a car loan

At we know what it takes for a dealer to be successful when it comes to dealing with a bad credit history customer.

Inventory: Where a bank might laugh at a $30,000 loan for a low credit score, it can handle a $7,000 to $12,000 loan with a good down payment. Our dealers keep a good mix of cars and trucks in this price range. That's good news for you.

Process: Bad credit customers are loyal and grateful when treated right, and to an auto dealer, there's nothing better than a repeat customer. Dealers in our network have a documented record of good service -- and they know how to shop around for bad credit car loan approvals. That's really important. Banks have tightened up. Last summer the average car loan was for 95 percent of the car's value; now it's 88 percent.

Respect. Internet customers are treated better than the "ups" who just show up on a dealer lot. In fact, after you apply online, you can set an appointment at a time of your own convenience.

We offer a no-hassle, no-obligation way for you to find out your financing options first. We are dedicated to keeping you from getting disappointed at the end. Apply today and see the process unfold for yourself.


DO NOT go car loan shopping without knowing your credit score. Just asking for trouble. Get your credit report for free right here.

IF YOU have been denied credit and have just kept applying over and over, stop. Stop right now. Every time your credit is pulled -- and denied -- your score goes down.

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